[Question] Can Cop Cars Have Tinted Windows?

Car window tints are getting in trend these days but it is illegal in many countries and states. We see many cop cars having darker tints than what is allowed. Now the big question is are cop cars allowed to do so. Before that let’s first find out can cop cars have tinted windows. Also … Read more

Can You Use Windex On Tinted Windows?


We see several car cleaning products available in the market these days but not all the products are suitable for all parts of your vehicle. Windex is one such brand producing a large variety of glass and hard surface cleaning products in America. Now if you are wondering whether it is safe to use Windex … Read more

Do Tinted Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

Window tints are in trend these days, and no one might disagree that these tinted windows give an aesthetic and a classy look to your car. But is that the only reason why people tint their car windows? Maybe not. There are many reasons why people get their car windows tinted, such as to stop … Read more

Does Tint Get Dark As It Cures?

Tint provides an aesthetic and a stylish look to your car, but one needs to be careful about the tint percentage allowed in their state. If you have recently got your car windows tinted, you might think it looks a bit light compared to the VLT percentage, or someone might have told you that it will … Read more

[Answer] Are Tinted Headlights Legal?

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How Often Will You Get Pulled Over For Tint?


Window tint is considered legal in some states, whereas illegal in other states, depending on different state laws. Many states have moderately strict window tint laws, whereas some states have strict rules over tint. Now, even if you are in a state with not too strict tint laws, you might still be stopped or pulled over … Read more

Do Tints Go To The Inside or Outside?

One of the biggest doubts as a newbie with tinting I had was whether tints go to the inside or the outside of the vehicle. If you’re new, you probably have the same doubt. Let’s see what’s suggested by experts. Do Tints Go To The Inside or Outside? Usually, tints go to the inside of the … Read more

Pennsylvania Window Tint Law [March 2023]

Pennsylvania Window Tint Law: The car window tint laws were brought into existence in the state of Pennsylvania in 1999. From the very beginning, the state of Pennsylvania has been specific about its laws. In 1996, PennDOT adopted regulations regarding the use of window tint on vehicles operated on Pennsylvania highways. These regulations also eliminated the … Read more

Can You Use Window Tint On Tail Lights?

We’ve always used tints on windows or even the headlights of your vehicles. But you might wonder if we can use window tint on tail lights? Let’s get started! Can You Use Window Tint On Tail Lights? Yes, you can use window tint on tail lights, but this is not advised by most accessory shop owners and … Read more

How To Remove Window Tint?

Taking off the tint applied on your car window is not a cakewalk. A lot of factors are involved in these processes. Which method you choose, which tools you will require, how dark your window tint is, and last but not least keeping your vehicle’s condition intact.  You may have various reasons for removing window … Read more