North Carolina Window Tint Law (March 2023)

The North Carolina window tint law was brought into existence in the year 2001. From the very beginning, the state of North Carolina has been specific about and strict about their laws regarding the window tint and if any individual decides to disobey the laws the individual has to face the particular consequences. Similarly, if an individual … Read more

Michigan Window Tint Law (March 2023)

The Michigan window tint laws were enacted in the year 2000. Let us give you a gist of what you are going to come across ahead. A person shall not operate a vehicle with any of the following: A sign, poster, non-transparent material, window application, reflective film, or non reflective film on or in the front windshield, … Read more

Ohio Window Tint Law (April 2023)

Ohio Window Tint Law: The window tint laws in Ohio were brought into existence in 2004 and since then the state of Ohio has been very strict about its laws compared to other areas. For instance, if an officer happens to catch a driver who has not been loyal to the window tint laws in the … Read more

New Jersey Window Tint Law (March 2023)

Every state has their own window tinting laws which differ from each other. From passenger vehicles like sedans and smaller cars to multi-purpose vehicles like SUVs all have to adhere to the laws set by New Jersey. No one wants to face the consequences of going against the rules and regulations put forward by New … Read more

Why Can’t I Roll Down Windows After Tint?

Window tint is a polyester film used for various purposes such as privacy, giving an aesthetic look, stopping direct sunlight from entering into the car, and many more. The tint is installed on the windows of the car with the help of adhesives or chemicals that help to hold and make it stick to the … Read more

Texas Window Tint Law [March 2023]

Texas window tint law was brought into existence in 2009. From an automobile to an SUV, the regulations determine how tinting is put on the windows of these vehicles.  But there are certain vehicles that are spared from the window tint necessities by Texas Law. Let us tell you the vehicles that come under the spares category:    Vehicles under … Read more

Tennessee Window Tint Laws (March 2023)

The Tennessee window tinting laws were brought into existence in the year 1990. Since then the state of Tennessee has been very specific about its laws as well as other rules and regulations in the state. If you are looking forward to getting your car windows tinted then it is important to be aware of … Read more

Alaska Window Tint Laws [Updated 2023]

Are you somebody looking to tint your vehicle’s windows or purchase a new vehicle with tinted windows? If you are, you are at the right place… Being aware of what the Alaska state window tinting laws cover will help you avoid headaches and potential legal troubles. There are quite some rules and regulations related to … Read more

Alabama Window Tint Laws [Updated 2023]

Alabama Window Tint Laws: There are many rules and regulations regarding automotive window tinting in the state of Alabama. Knowing the states laws as well as other rules and regulations related to window tinting will not do you any harm but just benefit you. Even though the laws in Alabama or any other state can change … Read more

Mississippi Window Tint Laws [Updated March 2023]

The state of Mississippi is the 6th of the 50 states to bring forward these tinting laws. The Mississippi window tinting laws were enacted in 1988. Later, they were amended in 2006. If you are looking forward to purchasing a vehicle with tinted windows or have a tint installed it is absolutely important to be … Read more