Do Cops Really Care About Window Tint?

Window tint is emerging as a trend these days but at the same time, it might be risky as well if the tint is dark. You might have heard or seen people getting a ticket for tint might have wondered do cops really care about window tint? The answer to your question is covered in this article. Let’s check out!

Do Cops Really Care About Window Tint?

Yes, cops do care about window tint. Despite not too strict laws regarding window tints in some states, you will find cops checking cars having window tints.  A stronger tinted window might compromise safety and draw unwanted attention from cops. 

Even if you are stuck in some other problem your dark tinted window might attract the attention of the cops towards it and you might get a ticket for the same if you have a tint darker than what is allowed as per the state where you are in.

There is no limit as to how many times you get pulled over for tint. It can as many cops that catch you.

Now the big question that arises here is why do cops care about window tints. Let’s find out!

Why Do Cops Care About Window Tint?

The major reason behind why cops hate tints or why cops care about window tints is the safety of themselves as well as others. Look below the following reasons why cops care about window tints:

  1. If the tint is too dark, the cops will be unable to see what’s going on inside the car 
  2. People get tints to maintain their privacy but also do illegal activities behind the dark tinted windows
  3. For their safety as they might get attacked by the people inside the car
  4. Reduced visibility because of the dark tint causes more accidents especially in poor weather and at night
  5. If there is a high alert or if someone is wanted, having dark tints will reduce the visibility and stop them from looking for it
  6. Difficulty in monitoring whether the passengers are wearing a seat belt or not
  7. Difficulty in keeping an eye on whether the driver is using a cell phone while driving or not
  8. Illegal window tints breach the law and being a part of law enforcement it’s their duty to punish or impose fines on the guilty.

After having tint limits, some states allow cop car tints for the safety of the officers from the civilians. Hence this is an exception.

Final Word

Yes, cops do care about window tint. Even if you are in a state with not many strict tint laws you might get caught by cops for window tint if you are doing something unlawful or just for the purpose of checking. 

Tint attracts the attention of cops and gives them a chance to doubt, so better not to do any illegal activity and check for your state tint laws if you don’t want to land in trouble.

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