Can I Wash My Car After Tint?

A tint is a fragile thin sheet that is installed on the inside(mostly) of the car window with the help of adhesives and glues. Now some precautions need to be taken care of after the tint is installed on your car window. If you have recently got your car windows tinted, the accessories person might have advised you not to wash the car. If you are wondering why can’t I wash my car after tint we have got the answer to your question covered in this article. Let’s have a look!

Why Can’t I Wash My Car After Tint?

It is often advised not to wash the car after getting the window tinted, but this is a myth. You can wash your car but “externally” only. Tint on the windows is usually applied from the interior of the car so it won’t affect your tint anyhow if you wash your car from the outside only.

Yes, you can’t wash your car from the “interior” after you have got your car windows tinted, to protect the tint from getting moisture and bumps in it. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Washing My Newly Tinted Car Windows From the Interior?

Talking about the time, it is advised you should at least wait for a week or until the tint is completely dry before washing the tinted window from inside. Washing the window right after tinting might cause bubbles and moisture in it as the glue or adhesive is not completely dry at that time. This is the reason it is advised not to wash your car after tint. 

If it is the rainy season then this period might extend as it might take a bit longer for the tint to set and the glue to dry completely. It is advised not to use any blow or hot dryers to dry car tints as they might cause streaks or breaks in the tint film.

But, it is totally fine to wash the car from the exterior, taking care that water does not reach the interior of the window tint. 

How To Wash Tinted Car Windows From the Interior?

The simplest answer to this very question is always use an ammonia-free glass cleaner to wash the tinted window from inside. People usually use Windex to wash tint but there are multiple variants to this.

First, as mentioned above, we advise you to wait at least for 7 days before washing the tinted window from inside after getting it tinted. 

Once the tint is completely dry, follow the steps below:

  1. Take a soft cloth, a soft sponge, and an ammonia-free glass window cleaner.
  2. Clean the window with a dry cloth first and then use a damp sponge to wipe the window. Make sure not to be too harsh as it might cause scratches on the tint film.
  3. Now apply ammonia-free glass cleaner on the sponge and rub it gently on the window.
  4. Next rinse the sponge with clean water and wipe the window without waiting much as the soap can dry on the tint.
  5. Lastly, wipe and dry the window tint with a dry soft cloth. Make sure to never use any blow dryers on the tint as they cause streaks or breaks in the film.


It is often said not to wash the car after tint, this is restricted only to the interior of the car. Yes, you can’t wash the car window from inside after tint but it is completely fine to wash or clean the car from the exterior.

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