Do Tinted Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

Window tints are in trend these days, and no one might disagree that these tinted windows give an aesthetic and a classy look to your car. But is that the only reason why people tint their car windows? Maybe not. There are many reasons why people get their car windows tinted, such as to stop other people from looking inside, protect, stop UV rays, keep the car cool, etc.

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But is it true, do tinted windows keep the car cooler? Let’s have a look below!

Do Tinted Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

The shortest and simplest answer to this question is Yes, and tinted windows keep the car cooler. Besides blocking the outside view, a tinted window also helps lower your car’s temperature and helps make it cool fast when A/C is turned on.

You might find it hard enough to look for a shady place during summers to protect your car from massive heat that would increase its temperature, but this is what tint does. It gives your car extra protection and helps to keep it cool even if it is not parked in any shady area. 

Let’s see how tinted windows keep the car cooler and help in lowering the temperature!

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How Tinted Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

If you wonder how tinted windows keep the car cooler, you must keep on reading this article. Every kind of tint has the property to block both infrared and UV rays which are the main causes of the heat. During summers, the harsh UV rays coming from the sun heat your car massively.

The tint blocks UV and infrared rays up to a large extent, and this helps reduce the temperature of your car and keep it cooler. The tint acts as a barrier between your car and the harmful UV rays and helps maintain the normal temperature inside your car even if it is parked in the open air.

Window tints are installed with extra protective coating in the factory itself, so whether you buy carbon tint, ceramic tint, or any other kind of tint, all of them would keep your car cooler. 

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How cool can tinted windows keep your car?

Tinted windows help maintain a normal temperature compared to the temperature in the outside environment. If you compare it to the outside heat, there will be a noticeable temperature change and will block approximately 35-40% heat. 

Does Installing a darker tint keep the car much cooler?

Although there would be a change in the amount of visible light entering your car if you install a darker tint, this won’t bring much change in the car’s temperature. So it does not affect much even if you install a darker tint.


Tinted windows keep your car cooler. So if you live in a state with high temperatures most times of the year, you may install the tint to keep your car cooler all the time, but make sure to check the allowed tint percentage according to your state.