Kentucky Window Tint Laws (May 2023)

If you are someone looking to tint your vehicle’s windows or buy a new vehicle that has tinted windows already, and you have no idea about the window tint laws in Kentucky, you are at the right place… Laws governing window tinting were passed by the Kentucky Legislature in 1994. After that, they have maintained … Read more

Oklahoma Window Tint Laws (May 2023)

There are many rules and regulations regarding automotive window tinting in the state of Oklahoma. Being aware of what the Oklahoma tinting laws cover helps you avoid being in bad situations with the law. The window tinting laws of Oklahoma are crystal clear about what window tints can be fixed to the various windows on your vehicle, … Read more

Wyoming Window Tint Laws (May 2023)

The fact that Wyoming has 236 sunny days throughout the year may have prompted many of you to consider tinting your car windows.   It is crucial to thoroughly understand your state’s window tinting laws before deciding whether to tint your car windows. By doing so you will be able to steer clear of the inconvenience … Read more

Nebraska Window Tint Laws (May 2023)

The regulations for window tinting in Nebraska are extremely important for anyone considering tinting their windows. It will reduce the likelihood of problems and lawsuits if you know what the Nebraska state window tinting laws cover.  The Nebraska State Window Tinting laws were brought into existence in 2006. Since then they have been strict regarding … Read more

California Window Tint Law (May 2023)

The California window tint law was brought into existence in 1999. It does not matter if you own a truck, sedan, or even an SUV you have to make sure you follow the laws set. The laws apply for all types of vehicles, whether they are passenger vehicles or multi-purpose vehicles. If you decide to … Read more

Arizona Window Tint Laws (May 2023)

Arizona Window Tint Laws: The car window tint laws were put forth in 1994 in Arizona. Since then the state of Arizona has been very specific as well as strict about their laws. Besides the basic laws that state the darkness and reflection allowed in Arizona there are a few other rules and regulations too that … Read more

Georgia Window Tint Laws (April 2023)

Georgia Window Tint Laws: In Georgia, the car window tinting laws were brought into existence in the year 2005. Ever since then the state of Georgia has been very specific as well as strict with its laws and other rules and regulations about how dark or reflective the window tints can be in the state.  It … Read more

Utah Window Tint Laws (April 2023)

In Utah, the car window tinting laws were brought into existence in the year 2005. Since then the state of Utah has been entirely specific as well as strict with the laws they have made for the good of its people.  Besides the laws, there are additional rules and regulations to be adhered to in … Read more

Virginia Window Tint Law (March 2023)

In Virginia, it will be considered illegal for any individual to utilize any vehicle they own on a highway with a colored or tinted film, poster, sign, sun-shading material on the front, rear side windows, or even the windshield except if permitted by the federal law. It is best to go by the rules rather … Read more

New Hampshire Window Tint Laws (April 2023)

Are you someone who wants to tint their car windows or wants to buy a new car with tinted windows in New Hampshire? Well, you are in the right place. The New Hampshire Window Tinting Laws were brought into existence in 1990. Since then the state of New Hampshire has been very specific about the … Read more